DAUNTLESS is a long standing guild located on the Muradin/Nordrassil realm that has experienced players and maintains a focus on casual/progression raiding while offering a fun and positive environment for all. We always strive to better ourselves as individuals and as a guild. We offer competitive progression on a fairly light schedule (6 Hours/Week).

Our goal is to establish a relaxed raiding atmosphere that we all enjoy while clearing content in a timely fashion. We have been together as a guild mostly since Vanilla and have stood the test of time while being loyal and committed to each other. We strive to help each other regardless of the situation and respect one another.

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Patch 10.1.5 Fractures in Time

by Vasilia!, 78 days ago

Dragonflight: Fractures in Time Patch 10.1.5 went live on July 11th. 

Venture into time itself to push back the encroaching chaos from other timelines and ensure the preservation of the future in the Fractures in Time content update. You’ll also be able to tend whelps in the Ruby Lifeshrine, embrace the way of the Warlock as the class expands to all races, specialize as the new dracthyr Augmentation Evoker.

Join your friends to defeat the new Mega Dungeon - Dawn of the Infinite.  Dungeon rewards Gear and Aspect Fragments needed to upgrade gear.

In addition, the Dawn of the Infinite dungeon also has a chance to drop Reins of the Quantum Courser which can turn into any mount from past expansions.

For more details regarding PATH 10.1.5 see the Wowhead link https://www.wowhead.com/news/dragonflight-patch-10-1-5-fractures-in-time-patch-notes-333860

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