Guild Bank


A message from Noryaa, Guild Treasurer

1.  All guild members with Member rank and higher have access to the guild bank.

2.  The raid mat tabs are for members with ‘Raider’ status to use. These tabs contain items and consumables necessary for raiding.

3.  We all must do our part to keep the guild bank supplied with both member and raider materials.  All donations are appreciated!

4.  Please send Noryaa-Muradin an in-game mail of what you farmed and the amount of each item when you deposit them in the guild bank. 

5.  It is mandatory for all raiders to participate in a monthly farm week. You chose which day is best for you to farm. A list of needed raid mats will be available on the guild website.

6.  If you do not have any professions on your toons, you can fish or farm meats to make food and feasts for raids or you can help someone kill animals to farm leather, etc.

7.  Raid mats are to be used for raids and mythic dungeon keys.

8.  Please do not dump your unwanted junk in the guild bank.

Raid materials/consumables are a privilege:

If a Raider does not participate in guild farming for raid mats, you will be given a warning the first time and after that you will be exempt from any access to raid tabs and will be asked to provide your own raid materials or purchase them from the Auction House. 

When you comply to help farm mats for raid, this exemption will be lifted.  Tip – It may be easier to set aside a little time each day/week to stock up on materials for farm week just in case something last minute comes up and prevents you from farming during the designated farm week.

Real life happens!  I will take into consideration real life issues that come up and prevent you from farming.  When this happens, please send me an in-game mail explaining your situation. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to chat with me either in-game or in Discord. 

Thank you for all your contributions!  Remember, Teamwork makes Dreams Work!! 



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